Mercedes me Melbourne, where café culture meets Mercedes-Benz lifestyle

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Words: Robert Barry   |   Photos Mercedes-Benz Australia Pacific
14 Oct 2017

Melbourne has been chosen as the seventh city globally for the Mercedes me concept store which will open in the CBD on Friday 3rd November, 2017.

Mercedes me Melbourne, at the newly developed foot of the Rialto Towers on the corner of King and Collins Streets, is a unique space where café culture meets Mercedes-Benz lifestyle.

Designed by local architects Jackson Clement Burrows, Mercedes me is a hub of creativity in a welcoming space in collaboration with coffee experts, ST. ALi.

By day it will operate as a cafe, but it’s much more than that, and brand new to Australia. With digital touch points, a special vehicle, brand specialists, modern menus and innovative event concepts, the Mercedes me store will attract a younger demographic and those keen to experience the Mercedes-Benz lifestyle.

The goal of the Mercedes me stores globally is to enable people to experience the Mercedes-Benz brand in a casual and relaxed setting. 

The event concepts will see a Meet the Maker space in store, to showcase the work of iconic Melburnians – a milliner, a watchmaker or even a boutique gin distillery can present their wares and their creative process, giving visitors an insight into their craftsmanship and artistry.

“Mercedes me store Melbourne opens up the brand to people who may not have previously considered interacting with us or our vehicles”, says Horst von Sanden, CEO and Managing Director, Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific.

“It’s a place where you can simply sit and enjoy some quality time in a beautiful environment, have a great coffee or something to eat, or engage with our brand like never before. It’s not a merchandise store or a dealership but an entirely new experience in Australia," he says.

ST. ALi and Mercedes-Benz, have together created a new coffee roaster using patented technology and parts from Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

It’s this roaster that will create new and unique coffee blends for Australians, with a nod to various Mercedes-Benz models.

The AMG Blend is specifically brewed for espresso drinkers so it’s roasted with maximum performance in mind. The S Blend, the flagship roast, has a smooth, sophisticated taste profile, while the A Blend is light, bright and goes down easy… but it still packs a punch!”

ST. ALi’s Salvatore Malatesta says: "We love being part of early adopter projects … and working with the team at Mercedes-Benz on this project takes things to another level.”

By night, Mercedes me Melbourne will transform into a brand new event space, showcasing art, food, fashion, sport, design, innovation and collaboration, and also harness existing Mercedes-Benz partnerships such as the National Gallery of Victoria, the Australian Grand Prix and Virgin Australian Melbourne Fashion Festival.

Worldwide, there are currently six Mercedes me stores in Hamburg, Munich, Moscow, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Beijing. All of the stores are based on the same concept but take local preferences into account.


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