Benz will adopt the agency sales model in New Zealand

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Words: NZ Autocar
3 Aug 2020

Mercedes-Benz New Zealand is changing the way it does business in New Zealand, moving to an agency style system as of January 2022.

Mercedes Benz in Australia has been selling EQC in this way, reducing the role of the dealer in the buying process. Customers buy their new vehicle direct from Mercedes-Benz, not the dealer who delivers it. The dealer will instead focus on marketing, handing over, and servicing the car rather than selling their own floor stock that they bought from Mercedes.

Australia is to introduce the system across the board as well at the same time as it changes here in New Zealand.

Mercedes-Benz New Zealand said that it “is working closely with the Mercedes-Benz retail network to develop a plan that ensures we continue to deliver the best customer experience and address customers’ present and future expectations”.

By 2025, Mercedes Benz expects to generate one-quarter of global car sales together with its sales partners via online channels. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digitalisation process.

This is one of the reasons - along with best customer experience - that Mercedes-Benz New Zealand has decided to adopt an agency sales model for new vehicle sales.

This has been tested successfully in Sweden and South Africa, and initial experience in Australia with EQC helped Mercedes-Benz locally to decide to institute the change.

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