Mercedes-Benz teases next electric car, reveals plump sedan

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Words: Matthew Hansen
5 Mar 2021

Mercedes-Benz is one step closer to revealing its first fully electric sedan, the production EQS, with the release of a side-on teaser shot showing the model’s distinctive silhouette.

It looks like an evolution of the same ethos Mercedes deployed for the recently revised A-Class, C-Class, E-Class, and S-Class. The EQS looks voluptuous and rounded in its body lines, with limited creases disturbing the clean contours.

While the model is definitively a sedan, the glasshouse does sit somewhat rearword — almost like a lift-back. The headlights and taillights, meanwhile, look a lot like the EQS’ existing internal combustion siblings. All up, the model reads like a mid-point between Mercedes’ incredible Vision EQS concept vehicle from 2019 and the brand’s current offerings.

The biggest story regarding the production EQS is going to be its underpinnings. The model represents the debut of the three-pointed star’s new Electric Vehicle Architecture platform, which is expected to be phased in across other models in the brand’s arsenal as they go electric.

Not a lot else is known about the EQS at this stage, although Mercedes has given the press a few nuggets. For one, it’s said to be capable of over 700km per charge on the WLTP cycle — presumably only in flagship models rather than across the full range.

The other big tech marvel set to debut in the EQS is what Mercedes calls its ‘MBUX Hyperscreen’. This is a screen that spans most of the width of the dashboard as part of one big dash piece designed to integrate all of the car’s tech. This includes the driver’s digital cluster, a central screen, and a screen for the front-seat passenger.

Mercedes-Benz has not confirmed when it will unveil the EQS in full, but the date is tipped to fall some time in 2021’s second quarter.

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