Mercedes-Benz EQA filmed slinking around Sicily

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Words: Nile Bijoux
13 Jun 2018

Other than being dragged into Dieselgate, Mercedes-Benz is hard at work on its all-electric vehicles. The EQA was one of the first to be revealed, and Merc has released a teaser video of it doing the rounds at Sicily.

For a bit of background, the EQA will come with a 60kWh battery, allowing for a 320-400km range, according to M-B. The on-ramp sprint should be done in roughly five seconds thanks to a dual-motor, 200kW setup, while a DC quick-charger should add just under 100km of range in just ten minutes.

The car will resemble a hatchback, hence the A in the name, and likely follow the EQC electric SUV to market next year. The EQS electric sedan shouldn’t be far behind. Funnily enough, each of Mercedes’ electric models lines up with a Tesla counterpart. The EQA will be aimed at the model 3, the EQC at the Model X and the EQS at the… S.

Mercedes-Benz has invested $US589 million upgrading its Hambach plant in northeast France, where it currently builds the Smart car, for the switch to EQ production.


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