Mercedes argues Synthetic Fuel not a viable solution

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Words: Josh Revell
22 May 2020

Several major car manufacturers, including McLaren, Volkswagen, and Audi, believe that synthetic fuel could serve as an alternative to fossil fuels in the transitional period from combustion-powered to all-electric mobility.

Mercedes-Benz however, does not see this as something worth investing in. The German firm’s head of research and development, Markus Schäfer, does not see synthetic fuels as a viable solution to the issue at hand and so the company will instead focus on EVs.

Speaking with Autocar UK, Schäfer stated “We have made a clear decision that our way will be electric first. When we develop new platforms, we think electric first. We have to watch regulations and customer behaviour, but this will be our main road.” He added, “If there were more clean energies available, then the first customers would probably be in the aviation industry. Far, far later – I don’t see this in the next 10 years – will come the car industry,”

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