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Words: NZ Autocar
13 Jul 2020

Mercedes-AMG’s range topping GT Black Series is due to drop soon and the company has released a wee teaser prior to the main event.

It features social media star Shmee, which is sure to have gained Mercedes-AMG a few more likes and shares for its video.

Not much is given away in the film but you get to see the wild body kit, including a whopper of a rear spoiler which features two blades. Extra downforce comes via a big rear diffuser, new front grille and a large front splitter. There are also air breathers on the front guards.

We await confirmation of the power figures but rumours suggest the 4.0-litre twin turbo has been pumped up to nigh on 700hp (521kW) whereas the GT R version makes a mere 430kW.

Fast lap times are the focus of this GT, so it will be barred up and ready to race. And as such it probably won’t be particularly nice to drive on road. The GT R is fairly hard core, so this thing will likely be a race car with number plates.

AMG says it has the 911 GT2 RS in its sights, and the new Black Series will be the first such car from Merc in over seven years since the SLS was retired.

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