Mercedes-AMG A45 details revealed

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Words: Nile Bijoux
4 Oct 2018

Mercedes-AMG introduced the warm A35 hatchback yesterday at the Paris Motor Show, and already has its sights on its next big-little thing, being the AMG A45 hot hatch. The head of AMG, Tobias Moers, confirmed a few details of the car at Paris, including power figures.

Expect the A45 to have over 298kW, up from the current 280kW, and use an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission (seven speed dual clutch). A lot of improvements have been promised, with the new car sharing little with the outgoing model.

If Moers is to be believed, the A45’s worked 2.0-litre inline four could soon offer the highest specific output for a production engine in the world, besting even the McLaren Senna's 588kW V8.

The chassis has also gone under the knife, having been significantly reinforced and offering more rigidity thanks to a newly developed suspension set-up but also more comfort. Much like the Ford Focus RS, Moers mentioned drivers will be able to get sideways, courtesy of an electronically-controlled Drift Mode.

Mercedes’ MBUX infotainment system will pack a few extra features for the hot hatch, including a new screen that offers all the relevant information for the driver in one place.

Meanwhile, Dominik Greuel, Senior Manager Marketing Communications at Mercedes-AMG, revealed earlier this year there could be an even hotter A45 S, like AMG has been doing for a while with its bigger models.

Expect the A45 hatch to be revealed sometime next year, with a sedan version likely to follow.

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