Megane-sized EV crucial for Renault

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Words: Nile Bijoux
5 Oct 2018

The Zoe is outselling the Leaf in Europe, and the diminutive, value-oriented K-ZE is scheduled for 2022. However, Renault isn’t done on the EV front yet.

The company’s electric boss, Gilles Normand, has expressed a desire for something bigger, around the size of the Megane. Should such a vehicle come to pass, Renault will have players in the key European A, B, and C segments. Zoe is B, the K-ZE is A, while the larger vehicle will be C.

Normand added that the C-segment car will be an electric equivalent of the Kadjar SUV, which isn’t surprising. Being bigger than the Zoe and K-ZE, it should have a longer range than the other two, which boast 300km and 250km, respectively. Normand said that the company wants over 500km of real range by 2022.

The model will be built on a platform shared with Nissan and Mitsubishi called CMF-EV and will underpin a multitude of electric vehicles from all three brands. A debut for the platform is expected before 2022.

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