McLaren celebrates 20,000th car

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Words: Nile Bijoux
14 May 2019

McLaren has assembled its 20,000th vehicle, a right-hook 600LT Spider in Chicane Grey.

The firm was building just ten cars per day until 2016 when a second shift came online and doubled output to 20 cars each 24 hours. Some 4800 cars left the factory last year, and production will be capped at 5000 units per year until 2025, when the limit will rise to 6000 cars.

“Achieving our 20,000th car built is an important milestone for McLaren Automotive. Last year we hand-assembled just over 4800 cars and we plan to maintain around 5000 cars a year for the immediate future. While demand for our products continues to grow, we aim to balance that to maintain exclusivity for our brand and our customers,” said Mike Flewitt, Chief Executive Officer for McLaren Automotive.

The milestone comes ahead of this week’s reveal of McLaren’s latest creation, so far only known as Grand Tourer.

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