Mazda to launch first EV next year

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Words: Nile Bijoux
11 Jun 2019

Mazda will launch its first electric vehicle next year, with plug-in hybrids following in 2021.

The EV will be based on a current Mazda architecture, while future electric cars will use a new EV architecture developed alongside Toyota. Mazda’s CEO, Akira Marumoto, said in an interview that new regulations in Europe and China are pushing the Japanese manufacturer towards electrification.

Mazda says the new EV, along with the firm’s SkyActiv-X petrol engine, will help it hit the European Union's 2021 CO2 emissions target of 95g/km over its entire fleet.

Those manufacturers who don’t meet the target will be fined €95 ($154) per gram over the target for every single vehicle sold in the EU during the calendar year. At the moment, Mazda’s new car fleet has an estimated rating of 135.2g/km.

By 2030, all of Mazda’s vehicles will have some form of electrification, even the diesel-powered models.



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