Mazda to electrify the MX-5?

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Words: Nile Bijoux
3 Dec 2019

Mazda is reportedly open to electrifying its MX-5 roadster but only if the lightweight nature of the car is maintained.

Speaking to Autocar UK, Ichiro Hirose, Mazda's managing executive officer for powertrain and vehicle development, said: “The lightweight and compact size are essential elements of MX-5, so even if we apply electrification, we have to make sure it really helps to [maintain] the low weight of the vehicle.”

Mazda is looking into electrification for its drop top sports car because consumer attitudes are changing. “We want to look at the best powertrain to keep the vehicle lightweight, but because of the diversifying requirements and preference, we need to explore various options… we need to make a vehicle that people can own without worrying that they are not being eco-friendly.”

An electrified MX-5 would fall under Mazda’s goal of having some form of electrification for all of its models by 2030. Mazda’s first fully electric vehicle, the MX-30, will be released next year, and will likely arrive in our showrooms sometime in 2021.

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