Mazda reveals its first EV will be a crossover

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Words: Nile Bijoux
6 Sep 2019

Mazda has been notably quiet on the electrification front, only recently announcing plans to build a bespoke hybrid platform and an electrified engine. This week, it revealed its first fully electric model, albeit in prototype form.

The car outwardly resembles the new CX-30 SUV (due here this year) with ‘Mazda e-TPB 2’ emblazoned on the sides but under the skin is an all-new electric powertrain. Given the CX-30 shell, we’d expect the EV to arrive as a crossover SUV, although some reckon it could also come as a hatchback.

It uses a small-ish 35.5kWh battery and 105kW/265Nm motor. Mazda isn’t discussing how far it will travel between charges yet, although it did say a rotary range extender will be available to quell anxiety.

The smaller battery is Mazda’s response to the somewhat inaccurate public impression that battery production makes EVs worse for the environment than the equivalent internal combustion vehicle. Apparently, the smaller battery is more environmentally responsible.

Aussie buyers will have a tougher time swallowing that pill, given the bulk of Australia’s power is generated by coal-fired power plants, while Kiwis will feel better knowing our energy is largely renewable.

We’ll have more information on this model after the Tokyo Motor Show.

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