Mazda beefs up the after sales care for new 3

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Words: Nile Bijoux
9 May 2019

Mazda NZ has announced it will increase its after sales service programme, Mazdacare. Coming with the launch of the new Mazda3, Mazdacare will extend its warranty to five years and unlimited kilometres; five years of roadside assistance and five years/100,00km of servicing. However, this offer only applies to the new Mazda3.

Mazda New Zealand Managing Director, David Hodge, describes this as a major advancement in the Mazda customer care programme and the Mazda3 value proposition.

“Since its introduction in 1997, our Mazdacare offering has been a leader in the automotive space demonstrating our commitment to the quality and reliability of our vehicles, and a worry-free ownership experience for our customers.

The new Mazda3 isn’t just our next-generation of design and engineering, it’s the very best of Mazda in one drive; and provides a fitting milestone to extend our Mazdacare program”, he says.

Expect the Mazda3 to hit local showrooms at the start of June.


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