Maserati begins testing its first electric powertrain

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Words: Nile Bijoux
24 Jan 2020

Maserati has started testing its first pure-electric powertrain and it wants to show that electricity can sound as good as combustion.

Tall order, if you ask us, given the sound of a sporty car is a major part of the experience but Maserati is confident.

In a new video, the Italian manufacturer shows off a test mule running the new electric motor. Instead of trying to replace the whine of an electric system with some sci-fi hums, Maserati has simply made it louder. The result is a car that sounds closer to a jet fighter spooling up than anything else. We reckon it sounds great.

The first electric Maserati will be the next-generation GranTurismo and GranCabrio, due in 2021.


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