M3-powered super-Supra still on the cards

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Words: Nile Bijoux
12 Jul 2019

If, like me, you’ve been scouring the Internet for all the A90 Supra content you can find, you’ll already know that Toyota has underrated the power output of its new sports coupe.

Officially, it produces 250kW/500Nm but a couple of dyno tests have revealed it’s making closer to 280kW/556Nm. A couple of simple mods could take that figure to the 300kW mark… or Toyota could ask BMW for one of its even hotter S58 engines.

The head of BMW’s M division, Markus Flasch, hasn’t explicitly said Toyota can’t have the engine, either. In an interview, he said that while it would be a lot for the company to give away, “never say never.”

The S58 comes in two guises, a 352kW version and a spicier 374kW version. Flasch said that it’s a general rule not to offer M engines to third parties. In fact, the last time an M engine officially found its way into a non-M vehicle was when McLaren was building the F1. But let’s hope Toyota can convince M to share the power one more time.


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