Long five-door turbocharged Suzuki Jimny on the way?

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Words: Matthew Hansen
14 May 2021

With sales around the world still constrained by enormous waiting lists, there’s little doubt that the charming little current-generation Suzuki is anything other than a success.

The question perhaps is what Suzuki is to do with this success, and clearly its answer has been to develop a new lengthened variant with more doors. A larger five-door Jimny has been rumoured to be in the works for quite some time, and now more information has hit the rumour mill.

According to Japanese outlet MOTA and Autocar India (the former being responsible for the render above), a five-door Jimny is set to be launched next year, some four years after the current thee-door launched. It’s worth noting that the Jimny is produced in both Japan and India, so it makes sense for both nations to have information leaks.

Autocar India reports that the model will be 3850mm long, 1645mm wide, and 1730mm high, with a wheelbase of 2550mm. This signifies a 300mm growth in outright length and wheelbase. Fittingly, the model is also set to be known as the ‘Jimny Long’ in certain markets.

Maybe just as big a forecast change is to do with the model’s engine. According to both reports, the model may come with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with a hybrid system.

This would be quite a coup for the nameplate, given the wheezy (charmingly wheezy, I’ll add) nature of its current gutless 75kW/130Nm naturally aspirated four.

It’s a powertrain that ties in perfectly with the model’s agricultural edge, but a more refined and powerful powertrain certainly has us interested. Hopefully it comes with an additional cog or two, over the current model’s four-speed auto or five-speed stick.

For now, though, those wanting a Jimny need to just add their name to the waiting list. Prices for the model have been increased on both sides of the ditch in the hopes of tempering order books, New Zealand’s entry-level retail jumping from $25,990 to $26,990.

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