Singer 911 DLS

Listen to Singer’s flat-six warble

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Words: Nile Bijoux
19 Jul 2018

You probably already know about Singer, and its 911 homages. While the exercise is more about turning the 964 donor cars into retro G-model rockets, for the ultimate expression in air-cooled awesomeness, the team roped in Williams Advanced Engineering to help on the engine side of things.

The result? A 4.0-litre air-cooled flat six revving to 9000rpm and producing 372kW. Wanna hear what that sounds like? Check it out.

The 4.0-litre engine was again used in the company’s latest offering, the Singer-Williams DLS, or Dynamics and Lightweight Study. It has carbon fibre pretty much everywhere you look, with drizzlings of magnesium and titanium to reduce weight further. As a result, the car is said to weigh in at just 990kg (pre-fluids).

The iconic ducktail spoiler has been honed by Singer using computational fluid dynamics to tweak the aeros around the rear to reduce lift.

God but doesn’t it looks good too?

“The Dynamics and Lightweighting Study has been years in the making,” says Rob Dickinson, Singer founder and creative director.

“To see the results, representing the ongoing pursuit of our client’s vision for their ultimate air-cooled 911, is so exciting. We’ve worked relentlessly to present a machine that visually celebrates the past while acknowledging the future, both inside and out. It’s our fourth year at this incredible event [Goodwood], and we’re thrilled to be back at the Festival of Speed for its 25th anniversary and to wish Porsche a very happy 70th birthday.”

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