Listen to Hennessey’s monster V8 stretch its legs

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Words: Nile Bijoux
15 Jan 2020

Hennessey is plugging away at its F5 hypercar, which will be powered by a monstrously modified GM LS V8 making nearly 1817hp (1355kW).

The engine, which can’t really be called an LS any more, uses a custom block, along with new pistons and connecting rods, and a fresh crankshaft. An unusual intake manifold positions the intercooler between the plenum and the high-flow cylinder heads. This cools the air exiting the twin turbochargers before it goes into the combustion chamber, which means more air density and, ultimately, more power.

Those turbochargers use 3D-printed compressor housings and are pushing 23 psi, helping the 6.6-litre V8 achieve that outrageous 1355kW output, along with a healthy 1617Nm of twist.

The engine will be slotted into a car weighing less than 1400kg, presumably before fluids are added, allowing a theoretical top speed of more than 300mph (483km/h.)

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