Lexus reveals more details for first EV

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Words: Nile Bijoux
15 Jan 2020

The UX 300e is the first electric vehicle to be built by Lexus and the manufacturer has announced some technical details ahead of its launch.

Lexus has confirmed the crossover will be powered by a 150kW/300Nm electric motor mounted on the front axle. A 54.3kWh battery pack will offer around 300km of range and be capable of DC fast charging to replenish to 80 per cent of capacity in under an hour. Drive modes will feature and paddle shifters will alter the amount of regenerative braking.

The UX 300e will be based on the China-only Toyota C-HR EV, meaning the underpinnings will be Toyota’s GA-C platform. Lexus says its EV has been developed with the goal of offering a quiet, refined driving experience and decent on-road performance. Extra bracing has been added to the chassis and the dampers have been reworked to maintain optimum weight distribution.

As to performance, expect 0-100km/h to take around 7.5 seconds and a top speed of around 160km/h. Lexus has beefed up extra insulation and an Active Sound Control system “transmits natural, ambient sounds to communicate the driving conditions”.

The 300e will look much the same as the standard UX crossover. New wheels and a charge port in place of the fuel filler are the main changes.

The UX 300e will go on sale in China this year, with the rest of the world following shortly thereafter. Pricing is yet to be confirmed.

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