LDV introduces massive T60 Luxe Mega Tub

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Words: Nile Bijoux
3 Dec 2019

LDV has confirmed the T60 Luxe Mega Tub ute will launch over in Australia, adding a long-wheelbase option to the T60’s quiver.

The Chinese maker has stamped a new tray for the Mega Tub, and in Oz, it asks a $AU1500 premium over the normal T60 Luxe.

As for numbers, LDV has lengthened the wheelbase of the Luxe Mega Tub by 315mm compared with the standard model, while the tray is 275mm longer. All in, the tray is 1800mm long.

LDV has kept the same fuel consumption and maximum tow ratings as the standard T60 as well. Aussie buyers will be able to choose between manual and automatic versions, both using the same 110kW/360Nm 2.8-litre turbodiesel engine.

We asked LDV New Zealand to see if the Mega Tub would make it down there and it is currently evaluating the viability, which is interesting given SsangYong already has the Rhino XL on sale here.


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