Lamborghini’s wild new Huracan STO has one incredible metric

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Words: Matthew Hansen
19 Nov 2020

Another day, another track-edition supercar designed to lengthen the lifespan of a platform. Mercedes-AMG has been rife for these this year, and Lamborghini has decided to get in on the action, too, with its new Huracan STO.

The biggest change the STO brings, pretty clearly, is the incredibly aggressive aero. While Lamborghini doesn’t boast the motorsport pedigree of a Ferrari or Porsche, it does have its own Super Trofeo racing series with cars featuring similarly aggressive amounts of wings and vents. So there’s plenty of credence behind the STO’s aero claims.

At least one of these claims is quite impressive; the firm says that the STO’s wild aero helps it generate more downforce than any other vehicle in its class, as well as the best aero balance for a rear-driven car. So Lamborghini says, adding that it has 37 per cent better airflow efficiency and and 53 per cent more downforce outright than a Huracan Performante.

All up, 75 per cent of the STO’s overall construction is carbon fibre, allowing for incredible rigidity and a low kerb weight of just 1339kg. Stiffened suspension, wider track, and a re-calibrated steering and transmission pair also feature — guaranteeing that the STO is a better on-track performer than its Huracan peers.

The somewhat awkward elephant in the room is its engine. It features an untouched version of the 5.2-litre V10 from the Evo, developing 470kW of power and a slightly detuned 575Nm. The fact it manages to way not much more than a tonne despite the presence of a V10 is impressive, but there will undoubtedly be a few buyers wanting a bit more power for their buck.

Still, it’s hardly slow. Lamborghini says it will hit 100km/h in three seconds flat. The needle hits 200km/h in nine seconds, on its way to a 310km/h top speed. Perhaps it’s Lamborghini’s way of underlining that this car is for the track, and not just for showboating at the Viaduct on a Friday night.

“The Huracán STO delivers all the excitement of a beautifully balanced, lightweight and aerodynamically superior super sports car, mirroring the driving feeling and exhilaration of Super Trofeo, and perfectly set up for the world’s most demanding tracks but created for the road,” said Lamborghini CTO, Maurizio Reggiani.

“The extensive technical solutions and intelligence gained from both our Super Trofeo and GT3 programs has been refined and embodied in the Huracán STO, allowing the pilot to experience the emotions of a racing driver, daily, in a road-legal Lamborghini super sports car able to take lap records.”

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