Kona EV does 1000km on a single charge

Kona EV does 1000km on a single charge

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Words: NZ Autocar
14 Aug 2020

There’s a catch of course. Hyundai Motors in Germany got together with some hypermiling enthusiasts to see just how far the Kona EV can go on a single charge.

Three Konas were used during the test, described as a ‘three-day range mission’ and they all clocked over 1000km on a single charge. While we can think of better ways to spend three days, one Kona traveled 1026km, another managed 1024km and the third recorded 1018km.

Hyundai says the distance represents a record in terms of 64kWh battery capacity. Power consumption figures were in the 6.2kWh/100km range, well below the official 14.7kWh/100km as determined by the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP).

But like all economy trials, there are some caveats. The test took place on a racetrack in Germany, so hardly a real-world setting. The Konas were unmodified and on the factory-spec tyres. While there were 36 driver changes, the air con and entertainment systems were switched off. And the average speed was a rip-roaring 30km/h, which they say was to ‘reflect typical inner-city traffic speeds in Europe’.

So the secret to maximising range in your EV is to drive very slowly on a race track while sweating it out in a hot cabin.

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