Kiwi tuning firm reveal Suzuki Jimny with 40% power boost

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Words: Matthew Hansen   |   Photos Tom Gasnier / Supplied
2 Jun 2021

The Suzuki Jimny is, in a way, the Mazda MX-5 of the off-roading world. Incredibly fun, incredibly simple, loved by everyone who’s been behind the wheel of one. But, there’s a lingering thought of what one would be like with a more powerful turbocharged engine.

The Jimny’s current naturally aspirated 1.5-litre is admittedly pretty charming. But, producing only 75kW/130Nm, it’s also deathly slow — magnified by the agricultural five-speed manual and four-speed auto it comes hooked up to.

Enter the folks at CTB Performance in Manukau. Regular readers will be familiar with the group’s Ford exploits. By and large, they specialise in blue-oval products and big-power V8s. But, for a few months they’ve been tinkering away at a Suzuki Jimny.

Now the tuning group has confirmed its plans; a package for the Jimny that results in a hefty 40 per cent power boost (seeing power rise from 75kW to around 105kW) and torque increase to around 220Nm.

That might not sound massive, but in a vehicle that tiny and light the difference in feel behind the wheel could be enormous.

“We've seen an enormous power gain of around 40 per cent alongside an increase of roughly 90Nm of torque,” says CTB.

The package is currently in its testing phase, but CTB are hoping to roll it out to New Zealand Jimny owners as a fully fledged product soon. The firm has a focus on making the kit well priced, stating that it hopes to stock it for less than $10,000.

“Affordability is important to us and as we get closer to making this kit available we're wanting to give the best value that we can. While we can't confirm an exact price at this stage, we're aiming for sub $10K — drive in drive out, certified, limited driveline warranty and tuning will all be included.”

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