Jaguar unveils updated, faster-charging 2022 I-Pace

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Words: Matthew Hansen
10 Jun 2021

It was one of the first premium electric cars to hit the market, and now Jaguar has unveiled an updated version of it's silent I-Pace SUV. Full disclosure, this updated I-Pace has been on the market in Europe since last year. But those changes are now set to be available to customers around the world.

The exterior of the I-Pace looks more or less unchanged, which isn’t a surprise given the praise its looks received at launch. Instead, the tweaks it’s been given mainly concern the tech under the skin.

The most major of these is a new on-board charger. The beefed up 11kW unit replaces the 7kW unit of the outgoing model, with Jaguar claiming that the swap slashes the I-Pace’s charge times from 12.6 hours to 8.6 when filling up from empty.

The change doesn’t necessarily make the model much quicker to charge in other situations, though. When hooked to a 100kW DC charger it can inhale enough electricity for 100km of travel in 15 minutes. This is unchanged from the first-generation model.

Powertrain remains the same, too. The 294kW/696Nm dual-motor layout is unchanged,still capable of getting you from stationary to 100mk/h in 4.65 seconds — plenty quick enough for most commuters.

In its overnight announcement, Jaguar didn’t mention range. This has prompted assumption from most that — like the powertrain — it is unchanged. The current model was initially rated for 470km of range from the WLTP, but most go by the car’s EPA-rated 375km range estimate.

Other tech tweaks include Jaguar Land Rover’s latest PiviPro infotainment system. This includes Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration, a new-look interface that borrows more than a few cues from smart phones, and over-the-air update functionality.

The latter dovetails with the new Jag’s improved satnav. It now includes notifications of charge points along a driver’s route, and predicted on-arrival range estimates for those wanting to plan ahead.

A more comprehensive air filtration system, Meridian 3D audio, a 360-degree camera, and Jaguar’s ClearSight rear-view mirror also appear, with all but the filtration system said to be standard equipment.

The ClearSight mirror is a clever feature that can beam up a video of your rearward surroundings onto your rear-view mirror on command, in case your view outwards is obscured by stuff in the boot.

Local pricing and arrival times for the updated 2022 I-Pace are yet to be confirmed. But, expect it to be in showrooms before the end of the year.

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