Jaguar likely to dump ICE power altogether

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Words: NZ Autocar
21 Aug 2020

JLR has a new boss at the helm, ex-Renault chief Thierry Bolloré, and one of his first tasks will be to right the listing SS Jaguar.

There have been plenty of rumours doing the rounds on how to proceed next but it is understood that Bolloré will steer Jaguar down an emissions-free EV road.

First on the to-do list will be a new compact electric Jaguar that’s as much crossover as anything to compete with the likes of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, and Polestar 2 offerings.

The reason for this thinking is that sales of the high-end I-Pace EV (above) are doing well, the World COTY title in 2019 no doubt helping some. Moreover, the decision has already been made to take the XJ saloon down an electrified pathway (below).

And a large J-Pace electric SUV is in the works as well, all of these to be built at the firm’s Castle Bromwich facility. An electrified Range Rover is also likely to be built in this new specialty EV factory.

Another in line for electrification is the XE, with an all-electric replacement evidently a strong possibility. Sales of the XE fell by almost one-third last year, leading to a significant revision to bolster sales.

The entire company seems to be pumped about the concept of a compact electric Jaguar, with Jaguar’s head of engineering, Nick Rogers telling Auto Express “That’s where we want to be….it’s extremely relevant at this time.” 

The company’s design boss, Julian Thomson, is in agreement, a “smaller, more efficient” Jaguar along the lines of Tesla’s Model 3 or Polestar 2 something he would be very keen to work on.

The new compact EV would employ JLR’s new Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA) and would sit higher off the ground than a traditional saloon to allow for the battery pack to sit within the floor.

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