Jaguar Land Rover joins Drive Electric to push EVs

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Words: Nile Bijoux
29 Oct 2018

Drive Electric is a local advocacy group established to showcase the benefits of EVs, and lobby the government to encourage their use. Now Jaguar Land Rover is joining forces with the group.

JLR NZ general manager, Steve Kenchington, says joining Drive Electric makes sense given all its upcoming models are set to have a fully electric or electrified drivetrian by 2020.

“The level of innovation and change expected in this market in the short term will bring the need for better resourcing across the industry,” Kenchington said.

“There’s a need for specialised training, installation of public and dealership charging infrastructure, and a requirement for cooperation across the local industry to ensure a seamless transition for retailers and consumers.

“We see Drive Electric as a natural industry partner to help us introduce this new technology to the market.

JLR isn’t the only company joining Drive Electric. Electrical products supplier Corys Electrical, Tyreline Distributors and Beaurepaires are also putting their weight behind the group, joining the likes of Mercury, Meridian Energy, Westpac and Powerco.

Drive Electric chairman, Mark Gilbert, says the organisation’s power to push for more EVs on Kiwi roads will increase as its membership grows. “With members from a diverse number of sectors, this helps reinforce that EVs are a key element in transforming New Zealand’s transport future.”

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