Italian firm turns Ferrari F12 into a beautiful motorsport homage

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Words: Matthew Hansen
22 Sep 2020

While exclusive coach-built cars are less prevalent these days, there are still a few companies doing the business. Some are taking old cars and turning them into EVs, and others like Touring Superleggera are taking near-new models and turning them into love letters to the past.

The coach-builder has just revealed its latest works; the Aero 3. Built to debut at the upcoming Salon Prive Concours d’Elegance, it takes the already special Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and turns it into a retro motorsport-inspired homage.

The biggest change is the carbon fibre body, which takes influence from all sorts of Touring Alfa Romeo and Maserati race cars from decades gone by.

Very little F2 influence remains, with even the primary grille at the front looking like something from Alfa Romeo’s current line-up. The tail-lights bring a hint of Alfa Brera. There’s even a whopping great fin down the centre, presenting little to no aerodynamic benefit.

At least in this case the car’s bite mostly matches its bark since the Ferrari 6.3-litre V12 under the bonnet remains; producing 720hp and 689Nm, and capable of 339km/h. Curiously, it weighs some 150kg less than a standard F12 Berlinetta, meaning it might be a better steer, too. 

Touring Superleggera has overhauled the interior, too, with a range of hand-crafted surface changes. Red leather accenting, door pulls, and race harnesses are contrasted by patches of aluminium and carbon fibre. There’s also the requisite amount of Touring Superleggera badging too, just to let you know that you’re in something a little different to a standard Ferrari.

The coach-building firm plans to build 15 Aero 3s, having confirmed that it’s already sold three. Pricing is available on request, but as the saying goes; if you have to ask …

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