Is Suzuki working on a five-door Jimny?

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Words: Matthew Hansen
9 Oct 2020

Few SUVs have had quite as interesting a roll-out as the current Suzuki Jimny.

Launched in late 2018, it instantly became a hot seller in places like Japan and the UK, with New Zealand eventually following suit (there’s still a waiting list to get one). It was then struck was a dismal three-star safety rating from both Euro NCAP and ANCAP, although this didn’t seem to hamper its performance in the showroom.

The model was then discontinued in Europe earlier this year due to its inability to adhere to emissions standards, only for Suzuki to ‘save it’ by reintroducing it as a two-seater commercial vehicle. And now, there’s speculation that the model is set to delve into uncharted territory.

The Jimny has been rumoured to be moving towards including a five-door model in its future as early as 2018. And that speculation has been given a new lease on life following reporting in India that the model will be sold there with five doors from next year.

Motoring outlet GaadiWaadi says that the models will be assembled with ‘knock down’ kits from Japan, which means that they could be offered in other markets as well. Given the amount of local demand for the Jimny, one would think a five-door variant would have a strong case to come to New Zealand, too.

It’s not the first time that Jimnys with alternate body styles have been produced before.

Suzuki New Zealand offers a Jimny ute, converted in Whanganui. It gains a flat-deck bed, while losing its back seats and a selection of features (it’s based on the Jimny JX, rather than the Jimny Sierra offered as the standard model in New Zealand). Pricing starts from $37,990.


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