IRD restricts Tony Quinn to 40 days in NZ next year

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Words: Nile Bijoux
9 Nov 2018

Tony Quinn will spend just 40 days in New Zealand next year, following a ruling by the Inland Revenue Department. The decree was made following two years of discussions between Quinn’s representatives, the IRD, and Immigration New Zealand.

As an Australian citizen, Quinn is only permitted to stay in New Zealand for a maximum of 180 days over a twelve-month period but in 2015-16 he stayed 181 days. Egregious, we know.

Despite arguing the case, Quinn will abide by the ruling. ''I respect that companies and households and governments and countries need to have rules. We may not like them al, but we have to abide by them ... It's just part of the system.''

However, it will be business as usual at Highlands and Hampton Downs, despite the limited time in the country next year.

The 40 days will be split between his NZ business interests. The rest of the year he will reportedly spend more time in England, where he has acquired another business.

At the end of 2019, he will again be allowed up to 180 days in New Zealand, and he plans to spend 179 days.

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