Ineos to test Grenadier in NZ

Ineos to test Grenadier in NZ

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Words: NZ Autocar
14 Aug 2020

The Ineos Grenadier is currently undergoing prototype testing around the world as the British company evaluates the powertrain of the upcoming 4x4.

The firm has released a video outlining the new powertrain, watch it here (it’s actually quite informative, free of the usual PR fluff), and according to Job Zwollow, the team will be heading to little old New Zealand with a few of its prototypes as it tests the new engines and transmission. That's if border restrictions allow it we guess.

The Grenadier will be available with the option of a petrol or diesel engine, Ineos using BMW-supplied straight sixes and adapting them to suit. They say the BMW engines were selected as they are already emissions compliant around the world. They also deliver high torque at low engine speeds, ideal for off roading. Ineos has spent the past year calibrating and testing the engines, with another 18 months left to go. With over 100 prototypes being tested, Ineos engineers say that collectively, the Grenadier will have covered 1.8million kilometres of testing once the programme is complete.

The only transmission available will be a ZF-supplied eight-speed auto, while Ineos has developed its own transfer case for the Grenadier.



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