Hyundai wants to work with Toyota on fuel cells

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Words: Nile Bijoux
12 Jan 2018

Hyundai reckons close cooperation with Toyota in helping push hydrogen fuel cell vehicles is more important than any rivalry between the two manufacturers.

Speaking to CarAdvice at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, Hyundai global vice chairman, Chung Eui-sun, said that as the market for hydrogen-powered vehicles remains rather niche compared with pure electric vehicles, the two companies need to work together.

“Expanding [the fuel cell] market is more important [than any rivalry],” Eui-sun said. “We have to solve problems together about any issues and it takes time.”

“I think Toyota is working really hard, and BMW and VW are also very interested in this area, so all other makers, they know how important EV and fuel cell EV are,” he added.

The vice-chairman went on to say that “... this is not just one company or another company… We have to work together with other OEMs and suppliers,” meaning other marques could join in on hydrogen development.

The current big issue with hydrogen adoption is a lack of supporting infrastructure regarding fuelling. Hyundai, Toyota and many other manufacturers are part of the Global Hydrogen Council, which means they have a greater chance of turning the ear of energy companies and governments around the world.

If the Toyota-Hyundai partnership is anything to go by, getting hydrogen a foothold in the public eye as a viable alternative fuel is more important than one-upmanship.

Toyota’s hydrogen offering is the Mirai, currently offered in the US and parts of Europe. Hyundai unveiled the next-generation hydrogen-powered Nexo at CES this year.


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