Hyundai to say goodbye to diesel engines?

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Words: Matthew Hansen
22 Jan 2021

To put it lightly, Hyundai has a buck each way. They’ve quickly established themselves as a mainstream EV leader, while also dabbling in hydrogen. The Korean firm is also an avid fan of diesel tech, although that might not be for long.

A report from the manufacturer’s home country claims that it has stopped developing its diesel powertrains. Korea JoongAng Daily reports that the firm made the decision to indefinitely suspend diesel development in late 2020.

It’s not quite as cut-and-dry as a full cold turkey stop. While some current engines will apparently face an immediate development stop, all diesel engines currently offered in New Zealand vehicles will continue to be developed.

Should the story become reality, it’ll put Hyundai in esteemed company alongside other firms that have pledged to get rid of diesels, including Honda Porsche. Toyota, Volvo, Porsche, and others. The focus on green energy solutions will ring hollow to tech leaders and environmentalists if brands continue to back diesels — and the brands know this.

Although the recent local launch of the diesel-anchored new Santa Fe and Palisade means diesels are well and truly front of mind on a local basis, it’s nevertheless still an announcement that would make sense from Hyundai.

The firm is rumoured to be on the edge of striking a deal with Apple to help the tech firm build its first car — the rumour mill recently speculating that it might pass the gig sideways to its friends at Kia.

Hyundai’s also set to soon unveil its all-new Ioniq 5. This will be the brand’s first new car under its electric-only sub-brand (remembering that the current Hyundai Ioniq is regarded as a mainstream Hyundai).


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