Hyundai to hook ‘em at SEMA with Veloster Grappler

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Words: Nile Bijoux
18 Oct 2019

SEMA is usually an excuse for tuners and vehicle customisers to let their imaginations run riot but car manufacturers sometimes go wild too, creating their own off-the-wall one-offs. Hyundai is the latest to fall prey, and is set to show off its Veloster Grappler concept at this year’s SEMA show.

The Grappler, essentially a jacked Veloster, features added ground clearance with “superb” approach and departure angles, custom front and rear brush guards and fat all-terrain tyres wrapping around Method Racing wheels for better grip off-road. A Borla cat-back exhaust gives the high-riding Veloster some decent aural resonance.

For extra cargo capabilities, a roof-mounted Thule utility basket is fitted, and includes a high-output lighting system from Baja Designs. The basket also serves as a mount for a Goal Zero solar panel. This powers an electric portable power station mounted inside the cabin for those remote holiday journeys.

A custom vinyl exterior body wrap features a ghosted Hyundai-themed livery. Finally, a Seibon carbon fibre hood vents excess engine bay heat when going hard out in the wops.

Inside the cabin is a roll bar for better occupant protection and a full-sized spare wheel and tyre. There are also traction mats, an oversized utility shovel, first aid kits and an outdoor dome tent to complete the package.

We’ll see more of the Grappler at SEMA. Hopefully the Hyundai bigwigs are convinced to build a few as well...


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