Hyundai to add another N to Kona

Hyundai to add another N to Kona

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Friday 7 August 2020

Given the popularity of the SUV the world over, it’s no surprise that Hyundai is developing an N performance version of its Kona crossover.

Hyundai’s N machines are developed in Europe, under the close watch of Albert Biermann, who made the move up the alphabet a few years back, transferring from BMW’s M division to Hyundai’s N outpost. N cars focus not so much on topping the power rankings, but delivering an engaging driving experience. And the i30 N is a good example of that.

The Kona N looks like it will feature the usual go-faster body styling, with a performance-orientated wheel and tyre package. The alloys are quite large to ensure the bigger brake package has room to operate. There’s a rorty looking exhaust set-up hanging out the back of this Kona, suggesting it will have a decent voice. It’ll sit lower too on performance-tuned suspension.

What’s under the hood then? There’s an intercooler up front so it’ll be turbocharged, but whether it will use a variation of the i30’s 2.0-litre or adopt the 1.6-litre that will power the yet-to-debut i20 N is something we’ll find out in due course.

To broaden the appeal, we’d bet it’ll have both a six-speed manual and the firm’s new eight-speed twin-clutch which debuted recently on the Veloster N. This auto trans will become available on the i30 N models next year.

Another unknown is whether it will offer AWD, though it’s hard to see any rear diff in the pictures. Whether it will be worth the added weight is a moot point.

All will be revealed soon enough as the Kona N is expected to debut towards the end of year.


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