Hyundai shows off futuristic Elevate concept

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Words: Nile Bijoux
11 Jan 2019

Hyundai was also at CES recently, showing off something that looks like a War of the Worlds prototype.

It’s called the Elevate concept, and despite its somewhat creepy, alien look, it was designed with the best intentions.

Hyundai calls it the Ultimate Mobility Vehicle (UMV) - essentially a car with wheels attached to robotic legs, allowing it to travel almost anywhere. That’s useful, because Hyundai imagines the UMV to be the go-to rescue vehicle for humanitarian aid missions. It could also help disabled people in areas that aren’t wheelchair-friendly.

The robotic legs have built-in electric propulsion motors and can move with five degrees of freedom. They can mimic mammalian and reptilian walking styles, which should let the Elevate move in just about any direction. It can also traverse 1.5 metres upwards as well as laterally, allowing it to climb walls and step over gaps.

When the arms are tucked away, the concept functions as a regular EV.

Hyundai spent about three years designing the Elevate and while it will remain a concept for now, there’s definite potential in the idea.

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