Preview - 2018 Hyundai i30 N

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Words: Kyle Cassidy
21 Sep 2018

Ex-editor Owen raved about the i30 N earlier in the year when he drove a pre-production unit, and Louisson was impressed with his few track laps at the factory in Korea. Now it’s third time lucky as the car has landed officially, we can confirm it is a genuinely good thing.

While not a groundbreaker, Hyundai has added tasty ingredients to its i30 to deliver a car where the emphasis is more on driving pleasure than benchmark numbers. That sounds like they’ve given themselves an easy out but concocting a driver’s car is a difficult brief to achieve. However, Hyundai’s has and it’s a solid effort for its first stab.

There are two versions of the i30 N, though only the Performance model is being offered locally. Its elements include continuously adaptive dampers with solenoid-controlled valves for better management of the oil flows, an electronically controlled LSD (humorously named the N Corner Carving Differential) and 19-inch wheels wrapped in specially developed Pirelli P Zeros.

For the Performance model, the 2.0-litre turbo’s output is lifted to 202kW while there’s 353Nm of torque, or 378Nm on overboost. The only gearbox is a six-speed manual which will ultimately limit its sales potential here, until the rumoured eight-speed dual-clutch materialises.

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