Hyundai i30 N start price confirmed

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Words: Nile Bijoux
13 Jun 2018

Hyundai has revealed the price for its Golf GTI fighter, its $54,990 sticker a couple of grand less than the VW competition.

The price was the last hurdle for Hyundai to clear, and now that we know it comes in a couple of grand less than the GTI, it ticks the value box reasonably as well.

For reference, VWs hot Golf costs $56,990 as a manual but only has 160kW. In terms of power, the i30 N would be squaring off against the Civic Type R (228kW) and Focus RS (260kW), but they both cost even more at $59,990 and an out-of-bounds $72,990 respectively.

Overseas markets will have a choice between the 184kW model and the 202kW Performance Pack, but New Zealand is only taking the latter.

Hyundai EU has confirmed that over April, sales of the i30 N were above expectations. Perhaps the competitive price here will lure the gaze of GTI buyers.



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