Hummer 1000hp truck coming

Hummer is back baby

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Words: NZ Autocar
31 Jul 2020

And you thought Hummer was dead. Well, we did, but apparently it’s not.

The revitalised company is now called GMC Hummer, and GM has released some details on the resuscitated badge. It will reveal the new Hummer truck and SUV around September while production is said to be on track to begin a year later. It’ll have the boxy styling of old, as shown by the outline in the video below.

GMC will offer various models with one-, two- and three-motor powertrains, the latter to offer a Cybertruck-bashing 1000hp and 15,500Nm of torque. GMC says that’s enough for the truck to hit 60mph in three seconds. We are not sure whether that’s with a full load of Covid-curing bleach in the back or not.

It’ll draw power from GM’s ‘Ultium battery pack’, which will come in a variety of sizes. Other gems include an ‘Adrenaline’ mode and ‘Crab’ mode, while the truck and SUV will both have removable roof panels.

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