HSV announces Colorado SportsCat NZ pricing

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Words: Nile Bijoux
13 Feb 2018

HSV has released the all-important pricing for the new Colorado SportsCat range.

A quick recap - the Colorado SportsCat is a Z71-based ute that HSV head Tim Jackson thinks “moves things along in the category but it doesn’t have a power-up and we’re actually pretty comfortable with that.” He says the goal was to focus on improving the total package in terms of capability. “Not only do we think we have a great benchmark in terms of on-road driving but we’ve actually improved the off-road capability as well.”

Some of those package improvements include HSV Sports suspension, a rear decoupling anti-roll bar, AP Racing brakes and SupaShock suspension on the SportsCat+ version.

There are a few reasons for leaving the engine alone, chiefly the cost, complexity and time to create what he says was going to be a minor increase. “Given this was a new segment for us, we did some research and what we got back was more about the overall package. Our traditional customer is all about power, and more power, but here it’s the total package that really matters.”

There’s a visual difference between the models; the SportsCat has a cleaner, pared-back look while the Plus is bolder, more aggressive with unique grilles, functional tow hooks and a bonnet bulge. Both have LED foglamps. The Plus also sports bigger, bolder flares. The tailgate wears a Colorado graphic, features a gas strut for a soft opening and a tray liner is standard. Both have a removable hard tonneau with the design of the sportsbar different on each.

Finally, the recommended pricing for New Zealand starts at $73,990 for the SportsCat with a manual gearbox, and $80,990 for the Plus model with the same transmission. That’s a healthy premium over the Colorado Crew Cab Z71, which starts at $64,990. The auto is a further $2000 and options for the Plus model include the Sail Plane at $1500 and the SupaShock suspension is $4000.


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