How Suzuki made its Jimny legal again for Europe

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Words: Matthew Hansen
9 Sep 2020

A few months ago, Suzuki had to remove its lovable 4x4 Jimny off-roader from sale in Europe due to the impact the model had on the brand’s combined emissions average (and to avoid any subsequent fines).

This is a figure that’s under constant scrutiny by European Union emissions regulators — the Jimny’s 154–170g/km putting it well outside the 95g/km target established for passenger vehicles.

Now, the Jimny is back in European Suzuki showrooms — but with a few modifications. It no longer comes with a second row of seats, and there’s now a cage separating the passenger compartment from the rear cargo. Yes, Suzuki has changed the Jimny in order to classify it as a commercial vehicle.

Europe’s commercial vehicle emissions targets aren’t as stringent as those of passenger vehicles, and are rated at an average of 147g/km. Suzuki claims that there have been no mechanical changes at all, meaning the 1.5-litre naturally aspirated petrol four producing 75kW/130Nm.

The changes to the rear mean a 33-litre growth in rear space compared to the standard Jimny with its rear seats down, making for a 863-litre total.

Suzuki told Autocar UK that it’s set to receive the updated, more utilitarian Jimny in limited numbers next year, which is good news for New Zealanders still waiting for theirs. According to a Suzuki New Zealand spokesperson, there are still approximately 400 outstanding local orders, which have been delayed due to high demand for the model in other markets, like Europe.


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