How much BMW is in the new Supra?

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Words: Nile Bijoux
9 Oct 2018

While Supra leaks are nothing out of the ordinary now, these new details are particularly interesting.

The Supra and the new BMW Z4 share DNA. Now a leaked parts catalogue reveals that the Supra actually uses quite a few German parts.

Engines, for example, are similar. The main Supra mill will be a 3.0-litre turbocharged straight six and the catalogue reveals that it is actually quite close to the donk found in the new BMW X5.

The version in the Supra is dubbed the B58B30C and the complete assembly appears to be unique to the sports car. However, the Z4 catalogue suggests otherwise. That cylinder head is a drag-and-drop unit from the X5, sharing the same part number. The X5 also donates its exhaust camshaft, intake with charge air cooler, crankshaft, pistons, water pump, and heat management module. Other BMW engine parts include the intake camshaft, con rods, fuel rail, high-pressure injectors and throttle body.

Meanwhile, the Supra has a unique turbocharger and oil pump. The engine and transmission mounts look to be Supra-specific, with the transmission listed as the ZF 8HP51Z.

Moving on, the suspension looks similar to the current 5 Series but with unique part numbers. Interestingly, the supports and links for the rear sway bar come from the i8. The steering looks to be shared with the X3 and X4, although the rack itself looks Supra-specific.

The HVAC system is largely the same as what’s found in the X3/X4, with the accelerator pedal also taken from those models. While the seats are special to the Supra, some components are shared with other models. For example, the lumbar support pieces, electric seat base, seat back, and control buttons are common to a few different BMW models and were first used in the 2 Series in 2013.

The 6 Series Gran Turismo donates its window motors, while the lock switches are from the X3/4 siblings. BMW’s 5 Series gives up its parking brake switch.

Regarding safety equipment, expect the Supra to have an optional forward facing camera, radar, and ultrasonics courtesy of the X5 parts bin.

Overall, it’s interesting to see just how much BMW there is in the new Supra. It looks like there is more BMW than Toyota in this mash up.

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