Honda NZ reveals pricing for new Jazz, hybrid starts at $35,000

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Words: Matthew Hansen
1 May 2021

Honda New Zealand has confirmed pricing for its all-new Jazz, which goes on sale around the country today.

The three-model line-up kicks off at $28,000 for the Life. The SUV-flavoured Crosstar, with its slightly lifted suspension, black plastic cladding, and different bumpers, is $30,000. And the flagship hybrid e:HEV Luxe is $35,000.

The level of kit across the line-up is relatively generous. They all get an excellent 9-inch touchscreen paired to a 7-inch digital cluster, plus LED headlights and taillights, parking sensors, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, walk-away locking, and Honda’s proprietary ‘Magic Seats’.

Along with its SUV attire on the outside, the Crosstar adds water-resistant upholstery, improved interior materials, roof rails, and more. The hybrid Luxe, meanwhile, aims upmarket with leather and heated front seats (both firsts for a Jazz in New Zealand), and Honda’s full Sensing safety tech suite.

The Life and Crosstar get a 1.5-litre petrol N/A four cylinder producing 88kW/145Nm, while the e:HEV gets a clever hybrid. Honda claims it’s the most economical hybrid in New Zealand based on a 2.8L/100km economy rating.

It’s worth referencing that the claimed number is sourced from JCI, instead of WLTP. The latter, considered by most to be more stringent, rates the Jazz hybrid at 4.5L/100km. The Toyota Yaris hybrid claims 3.3L/100km by contrast.

The announcement means the Jazz becomes one of the pricier entrants in the subcompact class at its bottom end, although the devil is in the detail. Both the Yaris and Suzuki Swift can be had for cheaper money. But, that’s primarily because the two rival Japanese subcompacts get dedicated stripped-out base models while Honda skipped a proper base variant.

Comparing the Jazz pricing to that of the Yaris is interesting. The base petrol Yaris GX is $26,990, while the hybrid GX is $28,990. One could (and Honda maybe would...) argue that the Life grade is more in line with the Yaris ZR, which starts at $30,990 for the petrol. The Hybrid ZR, meanwhile, is $33,990.

It’s worth remembering the Yaris Cross, too. It has a fairly big advantage over the Jazz Crosstar in that it looks like an actual SUV with its bespoke panels and more lifted ride height. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting it can be had for $30,990 in its GX petrol trim (add $4000 for hybrid propulsion).

Over in Suzukiland, Swift pricing starts at a mere $20,750 for the stripped-back GL Manual. The RS, a fairly close competitor on the spec sheet to the Life, is $27,990, and the fabulous Sport hot hatch starts at $29,990. The Swift hybrid, the least sophisticated hybrid of the three, is also the cheapest at $26,500 for the GLX and $28,500 for the Limited.

You can read more about the Honda Jazz e:HEV Luxe hybrid in the latest edition of NZ Autocar Magazine, in stores now. Our first impressions of the Life and Crosstar petrol variants are online, too, and can be viewed by clicking here.

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