Honda Integra Type R sells for almost $100,000

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Words: Matthew Hansen
7 Sep 2020

The prices of 1980s and 1990s Japanese performance cars continue to skyrocket, as evidenced by the latest Acura Integra Type R to sell for a jaw-dropping amount on American car enthusiast auction site, Bring a Trailer.

The difference with this 2000 Integra is that it’s hardly what you’d call a pristine, museum–standard example, but that couldn’t stop it from selling for US$62,000 ($92,300).

On the surface all appears well. It’s painted in Honda’s somewhat rare Phoenix Yellow, and its indicated mileage is a respectable 28,664 miles (or 46,130km). The 1.8-litre B18C5 DOHC VTEC four looks clean and well looked after, and a video attached to the listing shows that the car’s five-speed manual operates smoothly.

But, dedicated Honda-heads will be able to note that the sold Integra features plenty of interesting modifications and variables. The most obvious of these is the front clip, which is a full Japanese domestic market ‘Honda’ swap — trading the ‘bug eyes’ this car came with from the factory for Japan’s more restrained front fascia.

The swap is one of the many ‘identity crisis’ elements of the bright yellow Integra. There’s no badge on the bonnet and a red Type R Honda badge on the bootlid. Then inside it comes with Acura seats and an Acura steering wheel. The cabin also has the dubious honour of once featuring a roll-cage, although the seller assures us that its old mounting points have been patched up effectively.

And while the engine is relatively clean, it also sports an array of aftermarket additions. These include a new airbox, exhaust headers, catalytic converters, a Skunk2 midpipe, and a handful of other non-OEM oddities.

There isn’t anything wrong with modifying an Integra Type R to make it your own, of course. That’s arguably what these fantastic cars were made for. But, it goes to show the incredible market for these kinds of vehicles when an example laden with so many tweaks sells for such a price.

It wasn’t the only Honda to sell for significant money on Bring a Trailer, either. The mid-engined, rear-wheel drive 1984 Honda Civic that NZ Autocar featured last week also recently sold, going for US$42,750 ($63,650).

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