Honda e Prototype revealed

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Words: Nile Bijoux
28 Feb 2019

This is our first look at Honda’s upcoming electric city car, due to go on sale in some markets by the end of the year. Cute, innit?

The new prototype is about 98 per cent ready for production, according to Honda, with big changes from the original concept including the addition of extra doors, now totalling five, and more restrained wheels. But otherwise it looks much the same.

Honda says that the vehicle will be the first to ride on its new dedicated EV platform. The car will be good for around 200km of WLTP-rated range while DC fast charge capability will refresh the battery to 80 per cent in 30 minutes.

The electric motor is mounted aft to drive the rear wheels, which Honda says allows for a tighter turning circle and better driving dynamics. The company isn’t discussing power specifics but said it will be “comparable with other B-segment EVs” - like the Renault Zoe, which has up to 78kW. The electrical components do add weight though, with early estimates sitting around the 1500kg mark. As for dimensions, it has the same wheelbase as the Jazz, while being 50mm wider and 100mm shorter.

Inside, two separate 12.3-inch touch screens stretch across the dash supplying all sorts of information. One cool new function is a ‘co-pilot mode’ which lets the front passenger search for something like a map location and swipe it across to the driver. Cameras take the place of conventional door mirrors, feeding six-inch displays in the corners of the dash.

Price is still an unknown variable but project leader Kohei Hitomi said in an interview that it won’t be cheap. He would rather not degrade content in order to reduce the final price, citing how people still want and buy high-end smartphones despite their cost.

We’ll likely know more when the Geneva Motor Show opens its doors in a few days.

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