Hennessey resurrects 1200hp Camaro

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Words: Nile Bijoux
7 Nov 2019

Last year, Hennessey revealed the Exorcist, a 1000 horsepower (745kW) Camaro intent on sending the Dodge Demon to whence it came. Now, the American tuner has one-upped itself with the Ressurection.

The “most powerful production series Camaro ZL1 1LE” was revealed at SEMA and uses the LT5 engine from the Corvette ZR1. In standard form, the LT5 makes a healthy 755hp (563kW) but Hennessey had its wicked way with the engine, pushing output to 1200hp (895kW) on E85 biofuel.

Modifications to the donk include a high-flow air induction system, CNC billet throttle body upgrade, CNC-ported factory 2.65L supercharger with a larger intercooler system and a custom carbon fibre hood with increased clearance. There’s also CNC-ported factory cylinder heads, camshaft and valvetrain upgrades, stainless steel headers with high-flow catalytic converters, a fuel system upgrade, engine management recalibration and chassis dyno tuning.

Six-speed manual-equipped vehicles will receive a Centerforce clutch and flywheel upgrade while vehicles using the ten-speed automatic will receive upgraded clutch packs and torque converters.

Hennessey knew it could push the engine this far as it had already built several hot ZR1 Corvettes. “We knew we could deliver this same power level in the ZL1 1LE, but we just needed a cool name to fit the car. The Ressurection seemed to be the perfect evolution of The Exorcist, which was a name that was ultimately inspired by the Dodge Demon.”

Production will be limited to 24 examples, ordered direct from Chevrolet dealers in America or Hennessey for the price of $US200,000 ($NZ314k).


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