Genuine ‘KITT’ from Knight Rider could sell for a million dollars

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Words: Matthew Hansen
12 Jan 2021

Those of us who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s will be well aware of the halcyon period of cars in sitcoms. We recently touched on this in a story about a van from the A-Team, and we mention it again because another icon from the period is also set to go up for sale — the KITT Pontiac Firebird TransAm from Knight Rider.

Unlike the aforementioned A-Team van from last month, which was a period promotional vehicle, this is a ‘real McCoy’ Knight Industries Two Thousand as owned by David Hasselhoff himself. It’s up for sale as part of a big Hasselhoff memorabilia sale with Live Auctioneers, with the auction coming to a close in just under 12 days time.

Located in the UK, it isn’t made clear whether the car is one that was built at the time or if it’s a post-show replica. The seller states that it was never used in the production of the show, which most likely indicates the former is true. Nevertheless, it being owned by the show’s leading star (well, maybe second leading star) should give it extra credence.

Live Auctioneers describe the car as “fully functional” and as a “full conversion car”. This means it comes with the signature swooping red LED lightbar in the front, the black-out exterior, and all the interior goodies. LED displays, buttons galore, and the fighter pilot steering wheel anyone who’s driven a Knight Rider replica says is impossible to use all feature here.

Interestingly, the auction says that Hasselhoff will deliver the car personally to the winner of the auction, which may raise complications if the car heads overseas in today’s era of quarantine and the like.

Still, you can see the impact the connection to the actor has had on the listing. Bidding currently sits at a dizzying US$500,000 ($696,000). A final price in the ballpark of a million dollars doesn’t seem out of the question — especially given how much nostalgia is on the line here.

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