Fords slug it out at Panorama

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Words: Nile Bijoux
11 Oct 2018

As Antipodean motorsport fans will know, Ford is entering the Mustang into local Supercar competition next year. That means the iconic Falcon is being retired, and in honour of the long-time racer, Ford sent it out on one final lap at Mount Panorama.

For good measure, the Blue Oval threw in a GT4-spec Mustang and a GT racer. Check out the lap above. The Mustang starts about 10 seconds ahead of the Falcon, while the GT takes off roughly five seconds later. By the end they’re all neck-and-neck for a classic photo finish. It doesn’t look like any of the drivers is letting up either.

Despite classic Falcons and Commies no longer duking it out in the series, that doesn’t mean the Mount won’t hear the sound of thunder in future. The Touring Car Masters series began back in 2007 and gives fans the opportunity to watch classic Aussie iron belt around iconic tracks, including Panorama.

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