Ford Stores a new take on the traditional dealership

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Words: Nile Bijoux
8 Nov 2018

Ford opened two new ‘stores’ last night, ushering in a new take on the traditional dealership that will change the way people buy cars.

Well that’s according to Ford, which says the new stores, located on the North Shore in Auckland and on Wellington’s waterfront, will ‘optimise the Ford customer experience and cater to what we see as a rapidly changing customer profile and diverse set of customer expectations.’

Basically, the new stores change the way a typical dealership operates. They are designed to deliver a ‘guest experience’ and are no-pressure, no hassle environments, or so they tell us, where customers can explore Ford vehicles and services using digital aids. Ford is aiming for a general vibe of an “airline lounge or cafe”, though hopefully not the type that are ovecrowded, noisy and full of kids running amok.

“The concept behind the store revolves around the premise that visitors are not merely customers, but guests,” said Steve Fraser, North Harbour Ford Dealer Principal. “We designed the Store specifically around this notion, aiming to redefine the guest experience through a range of innovations, including transforming traditional sales roles into brand ambassador roles, removing desks from the showroom and equipping staff with iPads rather than desktop computers.”

Ford General Marketing Manager, Cameron Thomas, said the launches of the two new stores are part of the larger consumer experience initiative that began last year.

“The two new Ford locations are backed by our recent launch of major consumer service initiatives at dealerships around the country,” said Thomas. “These actions invite people to not only rethink their Ford experience but also it sends a very clear signal that Ford is changing the way we do business and improving the Ford customer experience.”

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