Ford Mustang Mach E leaked ahead of reveal

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Words: Nile Bijoux
18 Nov 2019

We now need to wait only a few hours to see Ford’s Mustang-inspired Mach-E electric SUV but over the weekend someone at Ford jumped the gun and put a Mach-E reservation website online.

The website was taken down but not before some eagle-eyed internet browsers grabbed some screenshots and uploaded them to Just before we get into it, remember that despite these numbers looking official, they might just be placeholders and could change before the Mach-E’s full reveal later today.

Mach-E will evidently come in five trim levels: Select, Premium, California Rt. 1, GT, and First Edition. American buyers will pay $US43,895 for the Select, followed by the Premium at $50,600, California Rt. 1 at $52,400, limited First Edition at $59,900, and GT at $60,500. These prices are before factoring in a $US7500 federal EV tax credit.

Range will vary from 338km to 482km, depending on spec. It looks like the more expensive models will only come with all-wheel drive. The leaked images also suggest the Mach-E can add 75km per ten minutes of charging, although Ford doesn’t say how fast of a charger this requires.

According to the images, the GT version (with options) will hit 60mph (97km/h) in the mid-three-second bracket. Specific power figures look a bit more murky, with each variant (except for the GT) having different numbers depending on whether it’s rear- or all-wheel drive. As a ballpark figure, expect the Mach-E to have between 167kW and 248kW. Torque will be rated as high as 582Nm.

Inside the car are two digital displays, one behind the wheel and the other in the middle of the dash, similar to in a Tesla Model 3. The pony logo is emblazoned in the middle of the steering wheel, hinting at the SUV’s heritage.

Since this is an electric vehicle, the front end features no large grille. Instead, there’s a cutout surrounding the Mustang logo with Mustang-esque LED headlights either side. Around back are the classic Mustang tri-bar taillights with a horizontal strake extending from each inner bar. Expect more at the full release later today.


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