Ford goes bezerk, unveils wild Bronco and Ranger for SEMA

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Words: Matthew Hansen
20 Nov 2020

Even though the event has long been cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic, America’s annual SEMA tuning extravaganza is going ahead in spirit with some manufacturers like Ford showcasing the cars that they would’ve brought along to the event had it gone ahead.

The blue oval today unveiled four SEMA concepts with varying degrees of wild attached; each based on the Bronco, Bronco Sport, Ranger, and F-150 Hybrid respectively.

Given the hype around the nameplate, the Badlands Sasquatch Two-Door Concept is the biggest story here. It gains a unique set of ‘step over’ doors and side steps, as well as a set of custom bash plates to make it less vulnerable to its surroundings when off-road. Roof-mounted spotlights, a more powerful winch, and a fabric roof add to the adventure flavour.

While it might not be the most radical modified vehicle in history, the Bronco Badlands Sasquatch is a good reminder of the returning nameplate’s likely influence of the aftermarket off-road scene. Expect it to be just as popular with modified vehicle companies as its Jeep Wrangler rival.

Ford also gave its softer Bronco Sport model a makeover, in the form of the Badlands Overland Concept. It adds a hefty roof rack (complete with LED light bar), meaty all-terrain tyres, new wheels, and a few little touches like a spot of orange on the front tow hooks.

The Ford Ranger XLT Tremor looks almost stock on first glance, save for a new snorkel, rear rack structure and retro-look decals. But, open the tailgate and you’ll find a Bed Slide and ARB storage system.

Last but not least is the F-150; uniquely based on the Limited Hybrid Supercrew model. It gets a lifted suspension system from BDS, new chrome wheels (‘Murica!) paired to off-road tyres, and flared wheel arches. And, like the XLT Tremor Ranger, it also features a range of new storage solutions in the bed; including drawers and a Milwaukee tool set.


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